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How to transfer contacts, photos and videos from myPhone Up Smart LTE to ZTE Blade A7 2019

myPhone Up Smart LTE
ZTE Blade A7 2019

Transfer contacts, photos and videos from your myPhone Up Smart LTE to the cloud server

We used service for this guideline. Using it, your can backup your contacts from your myPhone Up Smart LTE easily. The whole backup, including the settings, can be done in several minutes.

Download the PhoneCopy application from Kaios Store directly to your phone. Enter your email address. If you do not have a PhoneCopy account yet, you will be asked to create it by filling in "Registration" and then press "Sign up".

Application Title screen Create new account Fill in your Username and Password, press Synchronize

If you already have a PhoneCopy account, fill in your password. To export your contacts, press "Synchronize". Then select synchronization direction between three options: From your DEVICE to server, From SERVER to your device or Combine both. If you are not sure, use Combine both.

Fill in your Username and Password, press Synchronize Synchronization direction Synchronization direction

Select "contacts" and/or "photos" and press Synchronize. At the end of synchronization you will see status of synchronized items.

Main screen Synchronizing Success

And now it's time to transfer data to your ZTE Blade A7 2019

This guideline also works for similar devices like ZTE Blade 10 Prime z6530v, ZTE Blade A3 2019, ZTE Blade A3 2020, ZTE Blade A5 (2020), ZTE Blade A530, ZTE Blade A7s (a7020), ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3 nx629j, ZTE Nubia Z17 Enjoy nx591j, ZTE P609 (Telstra Evoke Plus A7), ZTE RedMagic 5G nx659j.

Now you can easily edit your contacts and other resources online in your PhoneCopy profile. You have access to your contact even if you forget your phone at home.

Some additional tips:

Contacts can be then transferred to another device (eq. iPhone, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG etc). See PhoneCopy site for supported devices.