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How to transfer contacts, sms messages, photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCL21) to Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-S115DL

Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCL21)
Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-S115DL

Transfer contacts, sms messages, photos and videos from your Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCL21) to the cloud server

We used service for this guideline. Using it, your can backup your contacts from your Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCL21) easily. The whole backup, including the settings, can be done in several minutes.

This guideline also works for similar devices like Samsung Galaxy Core (gt-i8580), Samsung Galaxy Core Plus Duos (SM-G3502l), Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite Duos S6792, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo (gt-i9168i), Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 (gt-s7898i) , Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (GT-S7583), Samsung Galaxy Young Plus (gt-s6293t).

Download PhoneCopy for Android to your Android phone, which you can download free of charge. After downloading and installation, go through following steps.

Run the app and create new account. You can check which contact databases you want to backup and synchronize. You can do multiple choice.

Create new account

After successful login, press "Advanced & Account". Select "One-way sync" and after choose "This device >> server".

Press Advanced & Account Press One-way sync Choose This device >> server

Contacts from your Android phone will be copied to server in few seconds.

And now it's time to transfer data to your Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-S115DL

This guideline also works for similar devices like Samsung A12 (SM-A125f), Samsung Galaxy A01 SM-A015u1, Samsung Galaxy A02 SM-A025f, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326b, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G sm-g998b, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G sm-g998u, Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE (sc-02h), Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 2020 (SM-T307u), Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4" LTE (SM-T505), Samsung M02 sm-m025f.

Once everything is done, check your data on the web. Login to PhoneCopy webpage and you will see brief review of all data transferred from your device. With another mouse click, you can review the change of each particular item.

Some additional tips:

Just as a reminder, the contacts are transferred via your mobile phone service provider, so you need to have data plan activated for the service to work. If you don't have a special data scheme, your carrier will charge you additional fees.